This is Delex

Delex Teknik AB is an expansive, customer-oriented company. We primarily specialise in wire bending, but also offer tube bending, sheet metal working, assembly and welding services.

Our work is based around our customers’ needs. The latest technology and a state-of-the-art machine park ensure we can meet our customers’ requirements. We have long experience and a wealth of expertise which we are happy to share with you in the early project phases. All this ensures the best possible end results. With a new generation of management at the helm, we look forward to making our wire bending and other services a more creative process, in which we collaborate with customers to achieve unique tailored solutions that enhance the benefits of the customer’s products.

From production to creative process

Wire bending is, essentially, a craft that has been carried out by hand for generations using simple machinery. Modern automated production has opened up new possibilities and stretched the boundaries of wire bending applications. There is greater scope for streamlining, automation and customisation when a craft becomes something more: a creative process where the focus is on innovation, production technology and function.

This is the art of wire bending

Delex detalj till helhet, Peltor hörselkåpor

Craftsmanship and innovation for many industries

Every customer faces unique challenges, and this is reflected in our work processes. Your needs are always our starting point. Backed by solid expertise and innovation, we create solutions that are not only well-produced but also increase the benefits your product offers.

Wire components have a wide range of applications, and we have customers in many different industries. Historically, we have worked extensively with the automotive industry. As a result, we have invaluable experience of meeting high demands for delivery and product quality.

Today we also have customers in a wide range of segments such as furniture, consumer products and construction. Wherever wire bending is, we want to be.

We always aim to achieve the best possible overall economy for our customers, and are happy to suggest the most cost-effective and quality-assuring production method for each individual project based on our extensive expertise.

What can we help you with? Contact us and let us know!

Sebastian Mårtensson på Delex AB
Sebastian Mårtensson Purchasing / Production

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Our work methods

We use the latest CAD/CAM and ERP software throughout the entire process, from the first 3D models via the APQP process, through the chosen production method to the finished product. Our know-how regarding material properties and design, combined with the latest production technology, enable us to offer each customer the optimum solution.

With over 40 years in the industry, we can assist you quickly and efficiently from initial concept to finished product.

Over the years, we have developed our own bending machines and completed countless automation projects. These projects may involve production operations such as welding, assembly or packing aided by, for instance, robotic technology in conjunction with carefully chosen production processes.

Quality and environmental care

To guarantee high quality and sustainable business, we have established a quality policy and an environmental policy, which we continuously follow. We are also certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Martin and Erik examining wire component

About us

Our operations take place in Forsheda, Sweden, where we have 9,000 m2 of modern production space. We also operate in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, where we opened a new state-of-the-art factory in January 2016 with an area of 3,200 m2. Delex Polska was established in 2007 to bring us closer to customers in Central Europe. Manufacturing in Poland is also more cost-effective for products that are largely produced through manual operations. All our facilities boast the latest technology in each production method.

Delex Teknik AB was founded in 1974 by Bengt Forsberg and is still a family company. The company’s core focus was on wire bending right from the outset. With the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit typical of businesses in Småland, we have grown to become a leader in our sector.

Today, the company is in its second generation of management represented by Erik Forsberg and Sebastian Mårtensson, who look forward to developing and driving Delex onwards into the future as a stable long-term partner for our customers and a modern, attractive employer.